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Creatoring is a super serious design podcast that deals with all the creative issues.

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    Jud, Jud, High Hat, Bass Drum - Live with Suzanne and Brian

    Welcome to episode 17 of Creatoring, our second live episode at Creative South 2018! I am joined by Brian Manley and Suzanne Sarver, and we discuss heavy metal, the death of the scene, tornado sirens, and jerks. I kinda of didn't remember to maybe start actually recording until about halfway through the time we had in the studio, but trust me, we're all better off because of it. This is the "good" stuff. Enjoy!

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    BONUS: Avengers: Infinity War Review part 2: The Leftovers

    This episode is full of spoilers for Avengers: Infinity War, so if you haven't seen it or listened to part 1 on the Master of One podcast, leave. Now. Don't look back. Come back next week after you fix that.

    In this special bonus episode, I'm joined by Andrew and Luke of the Master of One podcast to discuss Avengers: Infinity War just a little bit more. We share our MCU rankings, talk way too much about Grimace, and whether or not other production companies can catch up with Marvel at this point.

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    Good Bad Movies - Live with the Master of One Podcast

    In episode 15 of Creatoring, I am joined live by Andrew, Luke, and Patrick of the Master of One podcast at Creative South 2018. We got to hang out in the back of a noisy vendor hall and talk about good bad movies, bad movies, Sam Rami, and Tim "The Toolman" Taylor.

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    Broccoli Pie

    In episode 14 of Creatoring, Danielle Evans and I hang out at a coffee shop in Baton Rouge after Crop 2018 and discuss music, getting along with people, pies, and not being an asshole. And we laugh. A lot. Sorry. Enjoy!

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    Ghost Turd

    In episode 13 of Creatoring, I hang out with Liz Mac, a wonderful illustrator, nerd, Canadian, designer, and painter. This episode marks a new era for Creatoring, one where we focus less on making bad jokes about garbage from Twitter or Dribbble and focus on what makes each of us as creators a little bit weird. I hope y'all like the change.

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    In-House Creatives

    Wow. It's been a while. Creatoring is back, not quite at full strength, but back. For now, it's just going to be me (Zach) and some guests. Daniel is stuck in a portal somewhere, er, taking a step back from podcast land for a little bit, but he's always in our hearts and will pop in whenever he wants. In this new episode of Creatoring, I out with Christopher Michon and we discuss sandwiches, in-house design, pizza, art direction, and food. We might have both been hungry.

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    Crossing Over

    In this episode of Creatoring, we are joined by our good friend Jason Frostholm. Jason is the host of the Creative South Podcast. When he approached us about doing a special crossover, he probably didn't know what he was getting into. We discuss being weird, finding an audience, the meaning of life, and how visual gags don't work in an audio format.

    Stay tuned at the end of the episode for our first new segment, :30 Metal Review with Brian Manley.

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    In our first episode of Spooptober, we hang out with Nhi and discuss networking in the creative community. We also talk about Halloween, ghosts, spectres, hiding bodies, and Twitter. It gets spooky.

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    Work/Life Balance

    In episode nine, Daniel and Zach hang out with Lenny Terenzi. We discuss work/life balance issues, whether it even exists or not, animal sacrifices, priorities, and copying (again).

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    Just the Two of Us

    A quick episode with just Zach and Daniel that was lost in the move between servers. We took a brief hiatus to get in a better headspace. Sorry for the terrible audio. Just relax, and we'll all get through it together.

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